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As a professional Brand Manager, you are expected to show commitment and uphold standard entitled in this code. This will reflect credit not only to your profession or the organization you work but also the Brand Management profession and the Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria. In your day-to-day work, you will be confronted with situation in which you may have to make difficult choices or decision. In such situation, let your choice and decision be guided by professional and personal qualities entailed in this code of professional Brand Management practice as a set out below.

As a Professional Brand Manager/Consultant you will:

  1. Put service above self and pursue all your duties with honesty, integrity and ethical process of thought.
  2. Act within the limits of personal competence and authority and dissociate your personal interests which could introduce non professional influences in Brand Management decision and action.
  3. Engage in continuous self development, competence building and bench marking of best Brand Management and Branding practice.
  4. Exercise self restraint in handling sensitive issues and refrain from seeking personal advantage from exposure to confidential information
  5. Uphold the development and maintenance of quality and continuous improvement in all aspect of your work responsibility.
  6. Ensure that all those working under you are aware of their responsibilities, rights, areas of authority and accountabilities.
  7. Have regard for matters of conscience of others, treat them with dignity and respect and assist them to develop their full potential.
  8. Show loyalty to your organization by upholding its lawful policies and practices and communicating same truthfully and effectively to all stakeholders.
  9. Seek to conserve resource and protect the environment in which you work.
  10. Promote the vision, mission, goal and objective of the institute and at all times refrain from conduct which could harm its image, reputation and standing as a recognized professional Brand Management and Branding Body.

    Membership of a professional organization in your area of duty is a demonstration of competence and commitment to excellence. Belonging to the Prestigious Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria is a mark of distinction and career development. We try to make the process of joining the institute of Brand Management of Nigeria as simple and welcoming as possible. Application for membership is open to Directors, Managers, Officers and others who engage in Brand Management in Nigeria.


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