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The Nigeria Brand & Director's Summit 2019

Is a High-LevelBrand Thought Leadership Premium Event designed to
solve contemporary problem that Brands face in today’schallenging Business World.
In line with the current economic thinking in the country, thisEdition Summit will explore issue on Positioning Made in Nigeria Brands in the global market.

Poor perception of locally made good among Nigeria consumers is driving domestic manufacture to Brand their products made in Asiaor made in Europe; finding show. Some manufacture in Nigeria place foreign label on their products or package them in foreign containers so as to sell at higher prices and make more profit.
The 2019 NBDS promises to also brainstorm on issues bordering on Strategies for Growing your Brands in a Recession and the competitiveness on Nigeria Brands in the global Market.

This year theme is apt given the current state of the Nigeria economy which is reeling under the heavy yoke of acute dollar shortage caused by oil price low or poor structure of the economy As the Think:- Thank Gathering of Great Minds that Builds Successful Brands. It is will proved some invaluable insight on how to Build Strong Brands in 2019.
The summit expect key stakeholders from various industries and different sector of the economy would be part of this historic Event. It will be a fantastic platform to share Knowledge, Ideas, and Challenges with Industry Icons.


  • The summit will proved opportunities for Key stakeholders to discuss how to position Made in Nigeria Brands in the Global Market.
  • It will also provide insight on how Brand Management tools can help economic growth and development
  • This year summit will equip participants with the technique of managing the challenge of Business culture and the economic environment.
  • To create a forum for Exchange of Ideas and Information among Executive as well as an opportunity to meet with those
    in similar or different businesses.
  • At the end of the summit, participant will be provided with the Strategies for Building Successful Brands during a Recession
  • To give Brand owners Board knowledge of Global Branding discipline, help them gain general insight and understanding to all key issues pertinent to Building Global Brands out of Nigeria.


  • Discover the key to Positioning Made in Nigeria Brands and Increase our competitiveness in the Global Market.
  • Understand how Brand Management Tools can strengthen Economic Growth in today’s Convergent Environment.
  • Exploit the latest winning Strategies to Build Strong Brands during Recession.
  • Discover the key to building strong economy using Branding tools as a catalyst.
  • Optimize your Brand strategy to differentiate your position in today’s Competitive and Convergent Environment.
  • Use convergence, Content and New Strategies to Empower and Strengthen your Brand in the
    Global market.


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